Media Information

Media Information

Media Information for ISTH 2021

?The ISTH welcomes the interest of the media covering thrombotic and bleeding disorders and is happy to provide assistance to journalists attending the Congress or using the Congress website as a resource in their coverage.  Visit the Virtual Media Room for the latest news and resources.?


ISTH Press Contact:
Andrew Masten
[email protected]


Overall Regulations:
Any media outlet or press representative (journalists, reporters, photographers, etc.) wishing to attend an ISTH event and/or to obtain official press releases from the ISTH Press Office must adhere to the ISTH Media and Embargo Policy. Anyone who violates the ISTH Media and Embargo Policy will be penalized. The penalty may be immediate revocation of press credentials, ejection from the ISTH Event and a denial of access to all ISTH events for a year or more.
ISTH and/or affiliated trademarks and logos are the property of the ISTH. They cannot be used, reproduced or associated with any article or press release without the prior written permission of the ISTH. Signing of the ISTH Media and Embargo Policy is a prerequisite for Press Registration (whether online or on-site). The ISTH does not make its press database or registration lists available to third parties. 

Accreditation, Registration and Access:

  • Press accreditation and registration is required to attend any ISTH event and/or to obtain official press releases for these events from the ISTH Press Office. Press registration is free and includes the following services (offered at ISTH Congresses only): Access to scientific sessions, exhibition halls, virtual press conferences, press material and interviews arranged with ISTH spokespersons etc.

  • Media outlets and press representatives can pre-register via email to [email protected].

  • A valid press card or appropriate letter of assignment is required.

  • The completed and signed ISTH Embargo Form must be submitted each year.

  • Please note: company, media outlet business cards or membership cards are not accepted as credentials.

  • Press registration is open to any media outlet and/or its press representative: Journalists/reporter, freelance journalists (must declare who they represent), online media, broadcast media (TV, radio), editors, medical journals, medical blogs.

  • Press registration is not available to Industry or its public relations representatives, event management, marketing or communications representatives.

  • The decision of the ISTH Press Office is final regarding all press registration.?


Embargo Policy:
IMPORTANT: Please review and adhere to the ISTH Embargo Policy here


Photo and Video Rules:

  • Presenters are the sole proprietors of the content they disclose at ISTH events (data, photographs, slides, etc.) It is the responsibility of presenters or speakers to notify the audience of any restrictions on photographing the content they are presenting. The announcement must be made at the beginning of each presentation.

  • Video or audio recording during a scientific presentation or session is strictly prohibited.

  • Video recording or image capture in the virtual exhibition is strictly forbidden.

  • Any public dissemination of photos or videos taken at an ISTH must include the event.

  • The official ISTH trademark and/or logo may not be added without ISTH prior written approval.

  • Any video transmission or webcast from an ISTH event must adhere to the Embargo Policy.

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